Black Halo Racing

ZEX Tank Heater

Nitrous systems are designed using 900-950 PSI tank pressure as a paradigm in determining the proper nitrous jetting to use.  When your ambient or tank temperatures drop below 75 degrees Fahrenheit your nitrous system pressure, even with a full tank, will drop below this paradigm and you will end up losing the full effectiveness of your nitrous system.  When ambient/tank temps change your system performance will also become inconsistent.  These two reasons are why tank heaters were invented.

• Automatically maintains optimum bottle temperature with precision thermostats.
• Velcro straps for fast and easy installation on the bottle
• Electrical components are pre-assembled and molded into the heater for ease of installation and isolation from the elements.

Price includes shipping to all 48 states.  Hawaii, Alaska and international orders may incur extra shipping charges.