Black Halo Racing

Black Halo Racing Axle Shaft Set

This is a set of axle shafts ONLY and does not include the CV joints.  Fits 2004-2008 High Power (either M/T or A/T) models only.

The only company in the world which offers such a product for the Mazda RX-8.

The Black Halo Racing axle shafts were designed for the serious racer/competitor. The factory axles are prone to breakage at rear wheel power levels in excess of 400 h.p. However, as has historically been the case with Mazda's CV joints, the RX-8's rear joints are of excellent quality and are capable of withstanding over 800 h.p.

To save you money, BHR has designed an axle replacement set that takes full advantage of the capacity of the factory joints and includes both left and right axle shafts, all 4 flex boots, all 4 boot clamps, and 4 tubes of high-quality grease.

The axles are also black-oxided to prevent rust/oxidation during use.

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