Black Halo Racing

About Black Halo Racing

Black Halo Racing was formed in July of 2007 with the intention of offering the RX-8 community real, reasonably-priced, solutions to whatever problems and performance desires they had.  To this day, Black Halo Racing is the world's only dedicated RX-8 specialist who do not service any other vehicles whether rotary-powered or not.

About Charles R. Hill

Charles R. Hill, owner of Black Halo Racing, has 30 years of performance automotive experience which started with a then-revolutionary 3-year Vocational Automotive Program that his high school offered. That program was modeled upon the very same program offered by MoTech in Livonia, Michigan, which was the only automotive trade school in America until the advent of schools such as WyoTech, UTI, and others.

Even as far back as 1982-1983, Charles was learning about adaptive PCMs, fuel injection technology, performance applications, and the machinations in the OEM industry. Before starting Black Halo Racing, Charles worked over 7 years for Ford Motor Company on the assembly line where he learned about ISO9001 practices, Kaizen manufacturing principles, and several other processes inherent in the OEM industry.

It is through his experiences with Ford Motor Company that Charles has set the standards and expectations for Black Halo Racing. These unique experiences are also what allow BHR to compete strongly in the performance aftermarket automotive industry. Error rates of less than 1% and customer satisfaction rates of nearly 100% are the expected norm for Black Halo Racing.


Lotus founder Colin Chapman famously said, "To add speed, add lightness." Well, Charles R. Hill of Black Halo Racing may not be quite as famous as Chapman (though in his other career as a rock musician, he has played in front of 15,000 fans), but his company's mantra could easily be, "To improve performance, add reliability." That's because BHR - a small but widely respected Mazda RX-8 specialist based in Phoenix - has focused its attention on fixing a number of the 8's most glaring shortcomings.