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When car enthusiasts go looking for areas to improve their car's performance lubrication is one of the more often overlooked and misunderstood areas.  Here you will find all the necessary information to make the most informed decisions possible when shopping for lubrication.  Black Halo Racing has gone beyond other companies by not only breaking down lubrication basics and dispelling rumors but we are actively testing lubrication products to see which ones are the best.

Our technical library is always growing so if you don't see something here you're looking for be sure to check back!

Performance Upgrade Tech Articles:


Rules for Nitrous Use and Proper Installation: Have nitrous questions? Charles Hill gives you the scoop on proper install and use of RX8 nitrous systems.

Lubrication Technical Articles:

Oil Technical Glossary: This is a glossary of various lubrication terms that are found in our technical section.

Understanding Oil 101: This is the first oil technical section explaining the basics of oil purpose, application and viscosity.

Understanding Oil 102:  Great information about the various lubrication layers and how they effect engine wear

Understanding Oil 103: The Stribeck curve, hydrodynamic wedge and much more!

Eneos 75w-90 Transmission Oil Blackstone Test: This article shows our current testing results for the Eneos 75w-90 transmission oil.