Black Halo Racing

Black Halo Racing Lightweight (9.0 lb.) Flywheel

When it comes to your powertrain the flywheel can be a limiting factor due to it's mass.  While at slightly less than 17 lbs. the RX-8 has a lighter flywheel than most production vehicles, Black Halo Racing has gone further to develop a much lighter alternative.  Our 9 lb. aluminum flywheel removes rotating mass in critical areas allowing more power to be translated to the wheels (which is where you want it, isn't it!).  Our flywheel also has a replaceable friction face allowing you to reuse/repair the flywheel (if necessary) instead of having to buy a replacement should the need arise.

Necessary counterweight is sold separately.

Price includes shipping in the United States while  international orders will incur additional shipping charges.  International orders, please e-mail