Black Halo Racing

Black Halo Racing Performance Spark Plug Wires for OEM Coils and BHR "Global" Coils

Important: These wires will NOT fit the previous version of the Black Halo Racing Ignition System and are intended for use ONLY with the factory-type and the new Black Halo Racing Global coils.

**International orders, please e-mail

If you are simply looking for a replacement or upgrade from the factory ignition plug wires, Black Halo Racing has you covered.  BHR uses MSD (8.5mm), Moroso (8.65mm), and Taylor (8mm) spark plug wire that are cut to factory length and use wire terminals intended only for the OEM ignition coils and Black Halo Racing's Globally-Compliant Ignition Coils.

The spiral core provides plenty of EMI/RFI protection while ensuring that your coils are getting all the necessary energy to keep your rotary engine running, even at 9,000+ RPMs.

Price includes shipping in the United States and international orders will incur additional shipping charges.  

**International orders, please e-mail