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Black Halo Racing Long-Tube Header

ATTENTION; This product is on temporary hiatus until further notice.  Please do not place an order until this announcement is rescinded.

This header is intended as a "race-only" application as it has no AIR pump fitting, will not fit an exhaust catalyst, will trigger the  410 and 420 CELs, and is not CARB certified.  End-user accepts all legal liabilities should this product be used on a street-driven vehicle.

After years of development and testing for performance, fitment, and durability, Black Halo Racing is excited to announce the Black Halo Racing Long-Tube Header that many have waited for is finally available and production has begun.  Over a period of two-plus years this header was tested on a few different RX-8s with similar performance in all cases.

The attached dyno sheet is from a 6-port/6-speed 2008 RX-8 with about 25K miles on it and using a BHR Ignition System as it's only modification (installed well before the dyno test was performed), including still using the factory cat-back exhaust system. Typical rear-wheel horsepower gains seen during this testing were 20-25 rear-wheel horsepower, with additional engine torque being demonstrated as low as 2,000 RPMs, but actual total gains in power are dependent on the age/condition of each engine, the presence of other modifications, and variance in environmental conditions.

Utilizing three 1-7/8" primary pipes and a 3" merge collector, this header balances easy installation, interference-free fitment, and the most free exhaust flow possible.  In addition, the CNC-milled engine flange has very smooth transitions from the rectangle exhaust ports to the round primary tubes.

The Black Halo Racing Long-Tube Header is available with either 2.5" or 3" midpipe outlets and all the gaskets and hardware needed for a comprehensive swap from your factory manifold are included.  A discounted option is available for those who already have a 3" midpipe that they wish to easily modify for fitment.

Mounts for the factory front and rear oxygen sensors are also installed and positioned in their OEM locations. 

Price includes domestic/U.S. shipping and International shipping incurs additional charges.

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