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Black Halo Racing Motor Mount Set

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Please note; although the proprietary high-temp bushing material and durometer being used allows for lowered NVHs (noise vibration, harshness) in an effort to make these mounts as close to the OEM units as possible, there will still be a slight noticeable vibration between 1250-1500 RPMs. 

Keeping in the Black Halo Racing tradition of offering the finest original products for your Mazda RX-8, here is the Performance Motor Mount set which is intended to alleviate one of the most frustrating issues plaguing the Mazda RX-8; weakening/collapsed OEM motor mounts.  When the OEM motor mounts become weak the transmission shifter will start to annoyingly shake,extreme vibrations are felt within the car, and the driver will experience throttle delays/lack of response.  The BHR Performance Motor Mount set will solve these problems and it will do so with greater longevity than the factory motor mounts.

This is the motor mount set you have seen copied elsewhere in the world.

The motor mount housings are billet aluminum, anodized black to match the appearance of the rest of Black Halo Racing's original product offerings, and have the "BHR" logo milled on them.  The pre-assembled high-temp proprietary bushings are equally suited for use on the street or on the racetrack and may cause mild NVHs (noise, vibration, harshness).

 The Black Halo Racing Performance Motor Mounts install in the same fashion as the OEM motor mounts, will last substantially longer than the factory units, and fit ALL versions of the Mazda RX-8. 

For racers concerned with rules compliance; the OEM mounts weigh 1 lb., 13 oz. each while the BHR Motor Mounts weigh 2 lbs. each.


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