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Black Halo Racing Ignition System

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The Black Halo Racing Ignition System now includes a new and improved D-585 style ignition coil which utilizes an improved ignitor transistor module and sports the "BHR" logo on top so others will know you are using a genuine BHR ignition system! 

It is widely known that the ignition coils on the Mazda RX-8 are weak and suffer from reliability issues, even on unmodified engines, as early as 30,000 miles and weak ignition coils eventually result in failure of the exhaust catalyst and/or long-term engine damage. With forced induction, nitrous oxide use, or any kind of track racing you need to have an ignition system that is more reliable and with higher voltage/current output than the OEM system.

The Black Halo Racing Ignition system is designed for purposes of improving the reliability and drivability of the RX8 as well as a modest but noticeable increase in power.  This ignition upgrade is NOT designed to resolve problems with your engine/car as a result of mechanical failure, so please be sure your engine is mechanically in proper operating condition before purchasing.

This ignition system is likely the most popular product ever offered for the Mazda RX-8 and it's popularity continues to rise...... probably because this is the ONLY ignition system for the Mazda RX-8 which retains over 80% of it's value in the resale market! Do not be misled by imitation/"copycat" systems other retailers may try to sell you as many of them do not include everything needed for a proper installation and their detail-work pales in comparison to the original, Black Halo Racing. 

Typical benefits reported by those whom have purchased this kit are quicker start-ups, better throttle response, more midrange torque, smoother engine sound/operation above 7,000 RPMs, and no more misfires. All this applies to power-adder (nitrous or F/I) applications, as well, and all models of the Mazda RX-8.

The Black Halo Racing Ignition System addresses these concerns in a very simple manner. The coil conversion wiring harness allows a true "plug-and-play" installation that doesn't require you to cut, splice, or otherwise alter any wiring in your RX8. The ignition coils used emit more current and voltage than the RX-8/OEM ignition coils and provide much longer life over the stock and most aftermarket systems. They are used in many racing applications, rival any coil in the aftermarket, and this system renders any additional/external ignition hardware unnecessary. The kit mounts in the exact same location as the OEM coils and fits all models/years of the RX-8. Do not wait until problems arise before making improvements to your ignition system.

The pre-assembled kit contains a baseplate, coil brackets, ignition coils, a plug-and-play conversion harness, and custom-built MSD or Moroso spark plug wires.  It also includes a 3-year warranty on all parts, materials, and workmanship.

Factory NGK Iridium/OEM spark plugs and/or anodized bracket finishes are available options.


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