Black Halo Racing

Black Halo Racing Globally-Compliant Performance Ignition Coil

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The New Black Halo Racing Ignition Coil (patent applied for) is a direct-replacement performance coil which properly operates on all versions of the Mazda RX-8 and in all regions of the world (USDM, EUDM, JDM) without any "Check Engine" lights and without modifications to either the S1 nor S2 coil mounting bracket.  It contains all the same performance features of the coil previously used in our Black Halo Racing Ignition System but without the hassle and added expense of needing a bracket system, a conversion harness, or non-OEM type spark plug wires.

Additional dwell time or other "tuning" is not needed as this coil provides improved output and durability when compared to the factory coil.  If the end user wishes to add dwell time, this coil is prepared to accept up to 5.0 ms of total dwell time.

An often overlooked measure of ignition coil operation is "total allowable duty cycle" (the same concept as with fuel injectors) and while other offerings are often limited to a 40% duty cycle, the design of this coil has proven itself over the last ten years to not only handle duty cycles as high as 80%, and RPMs as high as 9K+, but it will also do so for far longer than other coils.

Warranty: Five years

-Original purchaser must retain sales receipt or at least be able to provide the invoice number and date of purchase for warranty to remain valid.

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